Global AMR R&D HUB / One Health

One Health

Human, animal, plant and environmental health are inextricably linked. One Health recognises the connectiveness and integrates a holistic approach involving experts and relevant disciplines from all relevant sectors and industries.

One important One Health issue is antimicrobial resistance (AMR) - a naturally occurring mechanism by which microorganisms do not respond to treatment with antimicrobials and pose a threat to disease control worldwide. AMR affects all countries and requires a coherent, comprehensive and multisectoral global action across all health sectors.

The Global AMR R&D Hub aims to improve and enhance R&D activities and policies across the One Health spectrum by bridging between human and animal health and the agriculture sector at international level and across public and private sectors.

Through the Dynamic Dashboard, we provide an evidence-based picture of global AMR R&D activities and resources. Currently, it presents data from human and animal health and will be completed with the addition of plant and environment health data in March 2021.

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