AMR Snapshots

Welcome to AMR Snapshots: the Global AMR Hub's Interview series. It’s a quick, but deep dive into key challenges we are facing in AMR, exploring the topic from a variety of different perspectives and featuring key leaders in the field.

Edition 5: Dr. Malin Grape

The AMR Snapshots interview series is a quick, but deep dive into the key challenges we are facing in antimicrobial resistance (AMR), exploring the topic from a variety of different perspectives and featuring key leaders in the field. As the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) 2024 approaches, what outcomes does the global community anticipate? Recently, we were honored to gain insights into this question from Dr. Malin Grape - a prominent leader in the fight against AMR.

Dr. Malin Grape currently serves as the Swedish Ambassador on Antimicrobial Resistance. A pharmacist by training, Dr. Grape holds a Ph.D. in medical science from the Karolinska Institute. She also possesses extensive experience in public service, having held numerous leadership roles within both the Swedish Ministry of Health and Social Affairs and the Swedish Government.

In our interview, Ambassador Dr. Malin Grape will not only share her views on combating AMR but will also reveal how AMR holds personal significance for her. How did her journey in AMR begin, and what can we anticipate in the future? Let's delve into our interview to learn more.

Edition 4: Dame Sally Davies

Dame Sally Davies has been a prominent figure in the fight against AMR championing the cause across the globe. As the UK’s Special envoy on AMR she represents the UK on the subject of AMR, engaging bilaterally and multilaterally through international organisations. Currently the 40th Master of Trinity College, Cambridge University, Dame Sally was the Chief Medical Officer for England and Senior Medical Advisor to the UK Government from 2011-2019. Dame Sally is also a member of the new One Health Global Leaders Group on AMR (GLG) working to accelerate political momentum, leadership and action on AMR. She is currently leading a subgroup within the GLG deliberating on actual requirements for AMR out of the discussions on the international pandemic treaty that the WHO is leading.

Link to the joint Global AMR R&D Hub & WHO report here: G7_ProgressReport_FINAL_16.05.2022.pdf

Edition 3: Dr. Elisabeth Erlacher-Vindel

We are delighted to be joined by Dr. Elisabeth Erlacher-Vindel (World Organisation for Animal Health - OIE) to discuss the Hub report 'Using the Dynamic Dashboard to identify gaps and opportunities for the development of veterinary vaccines in an effort to reduce antibiotic use' and all things One Health! Dr. Erlacher-Vindel is Head of the Antimicrobial Resistance & Veterinary Products Department at the OIE.

Link to the report on animal vaccines here: Animal-Vaccine-Report_30082021.pdf (globalamrhub.org)

Edition 2: Dr. John Rex

We are delighted to be joined by Dr. John Rex (Editor-In-Chief, AMR. Solutions) to discuss the Hub report ' Estimating global patient needs and market potential for priority health technologies addressing antimicrobial resistance' (published in August 2021). Dr. Rex is a physician and drug developer with more than 30 years of development and policy experience focused on antimicrobial agents and a leading voice in this AMR arena. We had a great time getting to know Dr. Rex better and discussing some of the key results from the study - we even ventured into the topic of bacteriophage! Hope you enjoy watching!

Link to the report is here: Market potential and priority patient needs – Global AMR R&D Hub (globalamrhub.org)

Edition 1: Sabine Volger

Our first edition features Sabine Vogler, the Head of the Pharmacoeconomics Department at Gesundheit Österreich GmbH. Sabine guides us through the key findings of the Hub-commissioned report on what tools national health systems have at their disposal to further reward the development and uptake of much needed new antibiotics and diagnostics (published in March 2021). Enjoy!

Link to the report is here: National Health System Tools to Improve Valuation – Global AMR R&D Hub (globalamrhub.org)

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