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Incentives Gallery

The Incentives Gallery of the Dynamic Dashboard captures, displays and tracks in a single, interactive, page, incentives being implemented around the world that aim to improve the functioning of markets – and the broader R&D ecosystem – responsible for the development and distribution of therapeutics for the treatment of priority, human, bacterial infections. By clearly displaying the information along the whole value chain it aims to provide a regularly-updated global snapshot of the status of currently implemented or trialed activity.

The Gallery aims to complement the Investment Gallery and employs a broad definition of Incentives to encompass the spectrum of interventions with the possibility to make an impact. The inclusion criteria are more narrowly defined in order to focus on those efforts already piloted or implemented. Incentives are grouped under nine categories or Incentive Strategies. The Gallery hopes to additionally serve as a gateway for users, so for each incentive captured, the user can access a short description and have the possibility (Drill Down > Additional Information) to access a variety of external links and documents.

It is hoped that additionally, the Incentives Gallery will provide a useful starting point for newcomers to the area by collating reports exploring the issue (‘’How we  got here…) and also collect together some of the many ideas (‘’Where we could go from here….’’) explored but not, yet, implemented.

As with all our work, we are grateful to all those who provided their time and input in the conceptualization and development.

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